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good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin



because men OBVIOUSLY don’t have any problems. Nope. Life is a fucking peach. There’s no unrealistic body images, emotional demands, success/financial demands. there’s no skepticism when a guy’s alone with a child. Men are totally not ignored when they’re abused, sexually assaulted, or raped. Nope. that never happens.

Can we stop pretending like it’s so fucking hard to be female and so easy to be male? Because it’s fucking bullshit. Both sexes have their problems. Deal with it.

-the Polish one

What about the part where only women would be labeled as rapists?
And the part where no one would believe women when they told people that they get physically abused by their spouse?
Or the part where men would get to make the “abortion” choice and not the woman?

We’re just going to talk about childish, biased, cherrypicked, petty issues?

This, madame, is Versailles.  


i’m on the battlefield 
knocking soldiers down
like house of cards
i’m a one woman army



Exercise 26: Shading Gems Results
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I love this tutorial SO MUCH.