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oh boy

ax 2014




modern disneys 

if they were all normal girls

Esmeralda my love…

❝ w-what? there’s something other, deep down inside! it’s evil ! it’s exacctly like-…❞


dont even talk to me about the elric brothers

Anonymous whispered: I hope you don't mind me asking: When you start a theme do you start with a base?


A base code. You can find some here. Or if you already know how to code it, you can start doing it yourself and use the base code as reference c: 

Anonymous whispered: May I ask how did you get into making themes and any nice tutorials on the web?


Well i’m still not sure why i like coding, Maybe because i always liked to customize my theme how i liked it, then i learned how to code. There are many tutorials on how to code. These are some of the ones i used c: 

theme making and coding 101
Tumblr custom themes reference
Lmthemes How to make a theme tutorial series

Also i did a lot of google searching for certain things

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